"It was my pleasure to keynote the inaugural Hollywood & Games summit, which brought together creative communities that share so much opportunity. As someone who straddles both filmed entertainment and videogames, I am gratified there's now an event that bridges these two worlds in a thoughtful way."

Paul W.S. Anderson,
Director, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, AVP: Alien vs. Predator, Castlevania

"Wow! I didn't expect to see exclusive movie footage, get pitched games nobody's ever seen before, meet Hollywood superstars, and end up with some new business! What a fantastic experience."

David Perry,
Founder, Shiny Entertainment, Atari and Principal, GameConsultants.com

welcome to the 2nd Annual
hollywood and games summit!

Hollywood studios and video game publishers are increasingly looking to each other for creative and business ideas that will lead to the next hottest video game or movie blockbuster.

The 2nd Annual Hollywood and Games Summit will allow leaders from the respective industries to interact and discuss best practices for strategically marketing original IP via both media to greatest effect.

This year's Summit will feature business and creative visionaries from both industries addressing the following topics:

  • How to build collaborative relationships between the game and film industry;
  • Packaging a new media deal: creating an attractive cross-platform property between film, TV, music, game, mobile, and Internet;
  • How Hollywood talent can be relevant in the interactive medium;
  • Conversations between indie film and indie games;
  • The future of game-enabled interactive narratives: new dimensions in story-telling;
  • Managing a unified pipeline: simultaneous creation of films and games;
  • Using game engine technology in the film production process;
  • Marketing properties with alternative reality games and the hive mind.

Session and speaker information will be available soon. Be sure to visit the site often for updates.

Speaking Opportunities: If you are interested in speaking at the Hollywood and Games Summit, please contact Jane Pinckard, Conference Manager, at jpinckard@cmp.com or 415.947.6274.

Sponsor Opportunities: If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, click here.

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